Tilt Sentry Bars

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Tilt Sentry Bars

One of the most popular bars we've ever sold. This 4 piece Y bar is perfect for anyone wanting something different than the typical T shaped bars on the market. Tilt has figured out how to deliver an exceptional BMX styled bar for the gnarliest riders. These bars are strong, light, and ready for use with any SCS on the market today.

From Tilt,

Sentry bars feature backsweep and upsweep for added comfort with large bar sizes. A 3D formed steer tube featuring the TILT logo smooths out the welded areas preventing knee and chin hits, and the heat treating process significantly improves strength.


Heat-treated 4130 cro-moly steel

24″ W X 27.5″ H

5.0° Backsweep / 1.0° Upsweep

3D Formed steer tube