River Rapid Wheel Set Hep Greg Cohen

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"Hep" Greg Cohen's Signature Version of the River Rapid. The "Nine Lives" Rapid includes hand designed text from Greg himself. Rapid's are made to withstand a heavy thrashing in the street while keeping you in complete control.

These wheels use the River Rapids formula. River Rapids are strong, responsive, and durable wheels. This is the tougher formula that is recommended for street riding.

Support Hep Greg and ride his signature wheel today!



River Rapids

8.65 Oz per wheel with bearings installed

Anodized 6061 T-6 Aluminum Core for Durability

Featuring BUFF Core Technology to reduce dehubbing

This listing is for two wheels - one pair

These wheels can only be purchased as a set

Includes River Flash Floods bearings and spacers pre-installed

Bearing removal slots for removing bearings with ease

Made in California, USA

MSRP: $87.95