River Glide Wheel Set Ryan Gould

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This is pro rider Ryan Gould's signature version of the River Glides. The "Savage" features Ryan's custom laser engraved graphic and will keep you a savage in the park as well as in the streets. 

River Glides are smooth, fast and flowy. Hands down the smoothest wheel in the scooter industry and ideal for hitting the park. The Glides formula is softer than the Rapids formula and is recommended for park riding. These wheels are very usable in the streets, they'll just wear down quicker than River Rapids because they're super soft. 



River Glides

8.65 Oz per wheel with bearings installed

Anodized 6061 T-6 Aluminum Core for Durability

Featuring BUFF Core Technology to reduce dehubbing

This listing is for two wheels - one pair

These wheels can only be purchased as a set

Includes River Flash Floods bearings and spacers pre-installed

Bearing removal slots for removing bearings with ease

Made in California, USA

MSRP: $87.95