Hella Grip Watermelon Grip Tape Formula G

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Hella Grip - Classic Logo Watermelon - Green-Purple-Pink (Formula G) 

Hella Grip is 100% Made in the USA

Tear Proof-Water Proof PVC Liner

Premium Quality Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula

Super Gritty-Formula G

Sheet Measures 22.00 x 05.00 Inches

Message from HellaGrip:

Introducing Hella Grip "Formula G" - Now available in our original Hella Classic Watermelon Style. Formula G, made in the USA, features an even grittier formula than our standard sheets. While our classic formula maintains an elite level of grit, some riders prefer a more abrasive style. We believe that dirt scootering may be one arena where Formula G makes particular sense, but it is certainly not the only one and will work well for both street and park riders. Our classic formula, hence forth known as Formula C, will continue to remain available and with the addition of Formula G we are happy to offer more options to all the homies out there shredding the gnar. Each Sheet Measures: 22.00 x 05.00 Inches