Hella Grip Tape Dan Barret

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Dan Barret Signature Tape-100% Made in the USA

Tear Proof-Water Proof PVC Liner

Premium Quality Silicone-Carbide Grit Formula

Aggressive Weatherproof Adhesive

Sheet Measures 22 x 5 Inches

Dan was directly involved in the brainstorming, design, and fine-tuning of his own signature grip image, which has never before been used on a sheet of Hella Grip. Hella Grip is proud to produce our 1st ever signature Hella Grip Homie sheet for a homie who has greatly advanced the entire sport through the advancement of his own signature riding style. The other Hella Grip Homies figure that a rider with such notoriously fancy footwork deserves to have a special sheet of Hella Grip for gripping those fast ‘n’ fancy feet. Congratulations Mr. Dan Barrett! You’ve gone and done it again! -McMasher (Hella Grip Co-Owner)

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