Be-Link Bluetooth Beanies

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Introducing our incredibly powerful BE - LINK Bluetooth Sound System for your head. Our system's 9 hours of battery life will keep you rocking through any full day of riding. Our 30mm drivers packs a huge punch in a tiny package, delivering music with an audio range unlike anything you've heard before.

We all know that real athletes need to stay connected to their surroundings while they tear it up. Headphones isolate you from the sound of the street, the tires on the dirt, or the board on the snow. BE - LINK turns your beanie into a personal surround sound system, that still let's you hear what's around you. The sensation is amazing! Now you can add a soundtrack to your life. Your adventures  will never be the same!

Want to add music to your helmet? Checkout the Be-Link Helmet Bluetooth System with Helmet Kradle!


SIRI compatible!

Press "+" on the headset twice to activate SIRI

Available in the following styles!

Diver Down Beanie

All hands on deck it's about to go down! This fisherman inspired, low profile, cuff beanie is perfect for the high seas to the city streets.  So grab one for you and your first mate.

Feindish Beanie

The Feindish beanie is the hat we all had as a kid, designed for those who want the old school style and childhood memories, with new school color ways. So step out of the norm and rock a Feindish. Fully equipped with our bluetooth beanie electronics.