Affinity Basic T Bars 26 x 22

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Affinity Basic T Bars 

Affinity is really looking out for all of the riders out there. Knowing that parts can be expensive, the guys over at Affinity decided to find an option that would reduce costs for the customer, without sacrificing quality. American sourced DOM steel became the answer riders looking for a quality American made bar at an affordable price.


Extra durable powder coating

No slit for SCS

.083" thick crossbar tubing - (Tilt metal bar end plugs will NOT fit)

.065" thick column tubing

American Made DOM Steel

TIG Welded


22" wide

26" tall

3.1 lbs


1.25" inch (31.8mm) Standard sized column

This bar will fit inside of any SCS clamp. Smaller sized SCS clamps, like Proto Baby SCS or Tilt SCS LT clamps can only fit a standard sized column. You can add a slit to a standard sized column to make it IHC compatible.

- OR -

1.375" inch (34.9mm) Oversized column

This bar will only fit inside of SCS clamps that can accomodate an oversized bar. Oversized bars will NOT work with Baby SCS or Tilt LT. You can add a slit to an Oversized column to make it HIC compatible.