Scooter Repair Shop

Kicks Pro Scooters offers a wide range of services and maintenance to keep your scooter dialed and riding great. From basic tune ups, bar cuts, installs all the way to full assembles Kicks does it all. Head into your local shop today, or call ahead and schedule a time to drop off your scooter*. 

$5 Bar Cuts
(Each bar cut is $5)

$5 Install on Parts
(No install charge for Handlebar Grips)

$10 Full Dial (Tune Up)
(Average scooter needs a Dial every 1-3 months depending on rider)

$20 Complete Assemble
(Assemble fee waived if all parts were purchased at Kicks)

*Please note that some days we may not finish servicing the scooter until the following business day. You are more than welcome to drop it off and pick up the following day.*

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