Root Industries

Root Industries is an Australian rider-designed range of professional-grade scooter products. Some of the top pro riders in Australia have helped design, develop and test these products for over two years, and the result is a growing range of outstanding scooter accessories, designed to outperform and outlast anything else on the market.
Rider Designed, Professionally Manufactured
Unlike most brands, Root Industries does not have one single factory where all products are made. Instead, we source each product from specialist manufacturers from around the globe. These world-leading manufacturers make product for some of the leading brands in their field, and span several different countries including Japan, Taiwan, Germany and China. Each manufacturer has the experience and facilities to research, develop and manufacture the designs riders have demanded, resulting in the best-performing and most durable scooter products available today.
In addition to this, Root products were market-tested in Australia: the toughest, most competitive market place in the world of freestyle scooters. In this market, Root Industries has proven to be a massive hit amongst all levels of riders. From sponsored pro riders down to the beginners, Root Industries products have developed a massive following based purely on the quality of the products.