AO Dante Hutchinson Deck

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"Nuh fret up yuself everyting irie" - The Dante Hutchinson Signature deck is available now. Coming in at 4.6" wide x 19.5" long this deck is perfect for younger riders that are just starting out. Whether you're learning to ride at the park or out in the streets, the simple deck design allows it to be light weight but also extra strong for the wear & tear of Freestyle Scootering. Compatible for wheels up to 30 x 125 mm. Available in black or silver.

- Extruded deck 4.6” x 19.5” (117mm x 495 mm)
-Weight 2.94 lbs (1.33 kg)
- Angled tailHeadtube angle 82.5High tensile
- Chromoly steel axle boltFits up to 30 mm wide wheels
- Adjustable brake to fit up to 125 mm wheels
- Colors: Black and raw