Fuzion Z300 Complete Scooter

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``VERT`` Riser Bar
Reinforced large chromoly steel bars with Fuzion’s oversized 155mm Hex Grips and Nylon Bar Ends for strength, comfort, style, and performance.

Tough & Light Aluminum Deck
At 19.5″ x 4.5″ our Wider Deck is the perfect size for tricks. The Z300 Deck has a concave top and a flat bottom with rails made for grinding. A center-reinforced neck distributes landing forces evenly.

Fast, Smooth Ride
The Z300 features our IHC compression system as well as ABEC 9 bearings in our wheels for the ultimate responsive turning action and a fast, smooth ride.

DOSE Wheels
With Fuzion’s own 6061 Alloy Core 5 Spoke 110 mm Wheels and High Rebound 88a PU, the Z300 not only looks great, but with the ABEC 9’s, it will get you where you want to be fast.