Rider Spotlight #1: Brandon Alldredge

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Rider Spotlight #1: Brandon Alldredge

Brandon Alldredge, from Pocatello, Idaho, has been supporting Kicks since the very beginning. The 4-hour drive never stopped him from coming to Boise to shred with the locals. It has always been awesome to see Brandon showing up at the events put on at Kicks. Brandon's cool cat attitude is the reason we selected him for our first Rider Spotlight. Get a taste of his chill vibes in the short interview below.

Brandon's Scooter

1. Current setup?
Current setup I have red odi grips, v2 retro lights black 22x26, green baby proto scs, envy headset, ethic lindworm v2 4.8x22, elite forks and blue proto dayglows painted white.

2. How long have you been riding?
I've been riding for 7 years now started back in 2010 not knowing a thing about scooters.

3. Why do you ride scooters?
I ride scooters because it's a great pass time you have no coach telling you what to do and you can do it at anytime. I've become friends with so many people from it and it's showing me the world.

Brandon Rookie Shot

4. What tricks are you working on right now?
Tricks I'm working on right no are probably tricks out of icepick grinds and fakie manuals.

5. Who has influenced your riding the most?
I have a few people who have influenced me honestly, 1. Dan Barrett, 2. Jon Devrind, 3. Cooper Klaar. Their combo lines blow me away every time.

6. What does scooter culture look like to you?
The scooter culture is all over the place in my opinion street riders hate park riders park riders hate street riders. Doesn't make sense to me it's all the same sport. Everyone has to follow a trend and people put no work into YouTube anymore it's all vlogs and no one works on video parts anymore. Kind of sad.

Brandon Chicago

7. If you could ride for any pro team, which team would it be?
If I could ride for any team I would probably have to pick Ethic. I love their products and they're always seeing new parts of the world.

8. What else do you want to say to anyone reading this interview or riding out there?
Well, if anyone is down to make trips they need to come visit Boise. The scooter scene is poppin' and so much to ride within a small distance.

Checkout Brandon's Instagram @_brandeenoo_

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  • Harrison G

    I live in poky

  • kalob lupo

    yoooo your so inspiring i have been riding for a fews years almost riding for phoenix scooters hmu

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