Hung out with AO scooters!

Thankful for AO scooters for sending legit professionals to hang out with us.

Here's a quick photo story documenting what happened! 


All the kids we're anxiously waiting for the team to arrive. Here they're playing a game of footdown.

Kids rushed to get autographs from [L to R] Wyatt Anderson, Tristan Anderman, Dante Hutchinson. Even we got involved. 

We all went to Rhodes Skate Park, got a video in the works!

A shot of everyone, a few struggled getting out.

Though this essay doesn't really have any pictures of anyone riding, we're working of a video showcasing the day.  Stay in tuned!



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  • William Wiench

    Well you’ll be having any pro riders this summer we want to come back to Boise and meet them

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