How Do You Get Sponsored?

Do you sponsor, Sponsor, Sponsorship, Will you sponsor me -

How Do You Get Sponsored?


Do you sponsor?

Can I get sponsored?

Please sponsor me!

We've all seen comments like this plastered all over the feeds of our favorite riders and brands.

Asking for a sponsorship in the comments on Instagram is NOT the way you're going to land a real sponsor, seriously.

So, what is the right way to go about finding a sponsor?

We've put together some suggestions to get you started in the right direction, especially so your talent doesn't get lost in the mess of sponsor me requests.

Be Informed

Learn about the brand(s) you're aspiring to represent. You need to know a couple of important things. You should know what the brand is representing, what their mission statement is, and what they're all about. Further, you really need to know all about their team. Who is already on their team, where there team members live, where they ride, the style of riders on the team... This is a deal breaker. You won't get very far if you're not informed about the brand you're trying to ride for, and the team you're trying to ride with.

Get Involved

By now you should have a direction you see yourself going. It's time to go deep. Make friends in the scooter community, talk to the riders on the team you want to ride for, learn about how they earned sponsorship. Actively participate with the brand you're interested in riding for, support them by purchasing their products, communicate with them about what you think is being done well and what needs to be improved. Networking yourself into the community you want to represent is fundamental.

Three P's: Practice, Produce, Promote


This sport is continuously evolving, with new tricks being added all the time. How fresh is your trick-list? Are you working on the same old same old? It's time to practice what all those pros are throwing down. While you're at it, add something new to the mix. How about a world's first? If you're always practicing what is fresh, and contributing new tricks to the sport, it'll be hard to go unnoticed.


Put your money where your mouth is. Get clips, make edits with never before seen footage, and release parts. Contribute quality (not quantity) material to the scooter community.


Set yourself apart from the crowd. Demonstrate that you can successfully promote yourself. Find as many different ways as you can to share your talent with the world. Show the brand you want to ride for that you're an icon in the scooter community and that you would be an asset to their team. 

Be Humble

Be proud, but also be humble. You've got to demonstrate the capacity to ride well, promote yourself, and keep the right attitude. Sponsorship doesn't happen overnight, and for most it takes years.  If you don't get picked up at first, don't fret. Congratulate those that find a sponsor before you do. Stay dedicated to the sport and focused on your goals. If you're truly committed, all of your hard work will eventually pay off. Most importantly, don't forget why you started riding scooters in the first place, it probably wasn't just so you could be sponsored. 

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