River Rapids for Street Surfing

Sick of wearing down regular wheels before you can afford new ones? Get the most out of your money by riding some of the longest lasting wheels on the market.

The River Rapids formula uses a denser and more durable urethane just like Proto Sliders. This denser urethane takes forever to wear down, even on rough terrain. Ride River Rapids so you can keep your scooter flowing after your cash flow runs out.

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What people are saying about Kicks

Took my son there today to get a new scooter. Very good selection and very helpful staff. What really made it over the top was how friendly they were and how they went out of their way to make sure my son was happy. Highly recommended.


I was in the store for the first time yesterday. They fixed up an older scooter while I waited and set me up with a new one for my 12 year old's birthday. Great selection, excellent customer service and my son LOVES his new ride! My 5 year old has his next birthday present picked out as well. Thanks for your help. I'll be back!


I don't do many reviews but these guys deserve it. Picked up 2 new AO Delta Completes for the kids for Christmas today. Quit buying unrepairable junk and get something decent for your kids that doesn't involve electricity. They'll thank you when they're 30. Very knowledgable and helpful. Buy local. I've had work done on my scooter at Scooters Of Boise (same place) and very satisfied. Great group of folks from motorized to human powered scoots. Spend the extra and get your kids outside on quality scoots they'll enjoy.